Terms of Service

If you are using Dviral you are accepting our TOS as well.

  1. Not just an account we register a person with us so you must need to provide only your real name during registration ( and you wont be able to change your name later ) and we might ask you to provide a valid government issued id verification, we suspend all accounts with fake/incorrect names and other information.
  2. we only allow social media traffic sharing our links anywhere else is prohibited and will get your account suspended.
  3. Any kind of links abusing which mean posting mass links and nothing else and posting links in facebook groups and in comments is not allowed or any other kind spamming/abusing.
  4. If you are sending fake traffic we know it, fake traffic means any kind of bot and traffic exchange traffic like hitleap or anything similar, when we ban an account for fake traffic we dont just ban the account we ban the person so there is no entry for you again and we are good with detecting duplicate accounts.
  5. simply if your bounce rate is over 60% we might suspend the account, over 60% bounce rate directly indicate to fake, suspicious or extremely low quality traffic.
  6. All remaining balance will not be paid out in-case of permanent account banned.
  7. Dviral have right to deny any account application or pending payment in-case of any fraudulent/suspicious activity on the account

Payment cycle

We are sending payments according to :

  1. Payment is monthly on net 30 basis which mean the earning of January (1st jan to 31th jan) will be paid out at the end of February if it was over $20 as the minimum payment is $20.
  2. what if i did not reached $20 in a month ? The payment will roll over to next month for example if the earning of January is $15 and the earning of February is $10 then the combined $25 will be paid out at the end of March as the minimum payment amount was reached in February.
  3. what if i need payment sooner then the scheduled time ? well we do have payment on demand option which is only available for publishers which have at lest made over $500 in the lifetime of the account.